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Imperial Federation Map of The World British Empire in 1886

  • The World British Empire in 1886
  • The concept of Imperial Federation gained prominence in the late 19th century as a proposal to strengthen the bonds within the British Empire. Concurrently, the Map of the World depicting the British Empire in 1886 serves as a visual testament to the extent and diversity of imperial holdings during that era.


  • This cartographic representation not only delineates the territorial expanse of the British Empire but also embodies the imperial aspirations and geopolitical dynamics of the time. The year 1886 places this map amidst discussions on Imperial Federation, a vision that envisioned closer political and economic ties between Britain and its colonies.
  • The map likely showcases the vastness of British dominion, from the colonies in Africa and Asia to territories in the Americas and the Pacific. It serves as a historical artifact, encapsulating the imperialistic ambitions of the British Empire during the late 19th century and providing valuable insights into the geopolitical landscape of the time.

Tropical Zone Wonders Unveiled: Yaggy's Geographical Posters Showcase Breathtaking Jungle Scenes and Wildlife

  • Exploring the Tropical Zone with Yaggy's Geographical Posters
  • Embark on a vivid journey into the heart of the Tropical Zone through Yaggy's geographical posters. The featured image unveils a mesmerizing jungle scene teeming with life and vibrant biodiversity. Exotic flora and fauna intertwine in a lush display, capturing the essence...

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1827 Map of Asia and Australia - Featuring Australia (New Holland) and East India Islands From the 19th Century

  • 1827 Map of Asia and Australia - Featuring Australia (New Holland)  from the 19th Century.


  • The Finley Map of Asia and Australia from 1827 is a remarkable cartographic representation that encapsulates the geographical knowledge of the time. In keeping with the conventions of 19th-century maps, this intricate depiction encompasses Australia, then referred...

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Historical Map of India And China 1750

  • Exploring 18th Century Asia: Historical Maps of India and China (1750)

  • Travel back to the 18th century with our detailed Historical Map of India and China from 1750. This map gives you a clear view of the past, showing political borders, cultural areas, and historical details of these ancient lands.
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Discover Earth's Majesty: Ascending Order Geography Chart Featuring Major Mountains and Cities Across Continents

  • Nature's Grandeur Mapped: Ascending Order Geography Chart Reveals Majestic Mountains Across Continents
  • Embark on a visual odyssey through the "View of Nature in Ascending Order" geography chart by exploring the majesty of the world's continents and their towering peaks. This meticulously crafted chart showcases the major mountains in ascending order,...

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Nueva GeografĂ­a Universal Map (1879): A Historical Cartographic Gem

  • Nueva Geografía Universal Map (1879):  A Historical Cartographic Gem & Details


  • The Nueva Geografía Universal Map of 1879 stands as a captivating relic of 19th-century cartography, offering a glimpse into the world as perceived during that era. Crafted with meticulous detail, this map is a testament to the dedication and precision of...

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The German Hemisphere Map of The East From 1903

  • The German Hemisphere Map of the East from 1903 stands as a significant cartographic artifact.


  • Offering a glimpse into the geopolitical landscape of the early 20th century. Crafted with precision and detail, this map reflects Germany's interest and engagement with the Eastern Hemisphere during a period marked by geopolitical shifts and...

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