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Area Unit Conversion, Marla to Kanal, Acres, Hectares, SqFt & SqYds

Zameen Locator's Area Unit Converter to Convert From Marla to Kanal, Square feet (Sq Ft) Square Yards (Sq Yds) Acres & Hectares,Zameen Locator's Area Converter Tool Helps you to Convert Square feet to Square Meter, Bigha to Acre, Square feet to Acres, Square Meters to Acres , Zameen Locator's Area Converter Mostly Used in Real Estate Housing Societies plots Agricultural Land & Area Measurement that Helps you to Convert free 1 area Unit into another.


Pakistan Area Unit Converter

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About Area Unit Converter

Welcome to our user-friendly and versatile Area Unit Converter – your go-to tool for seamless and accurate area unit conversions. Whether you're a student, professional, or simply curious about converting between different area measurements, our converter provides you with the convenience of instant and reliable calculations.

How It Works

Choose Your Units

Select the initial unit of area you have and the target unit you want to convert to. Our converter supports a wide range of area units, including square meters, square feet, acres, hectares, and more.

Enter the Value

Input the value you wish to convert. Whether it's a real estate measurement, land area, or any other area quantity, our converter handles it effortlessly.


Click the "Convert" button to receive an immediate and accurate conversion result. The converted value will be displayed, making it easy to understand and use in your calculations.

Why Use Our Area Unit Converter


Our converter eliminates the need for manual calculations or searching for conversion formulas. With just a few clicks, you'll have your desired area measurement in the unit you need.


Rest assured that your area conversions are precise. Our converter employs reliable conversion ratios to ensure dependable results.


Whether you're dealing with real estate, construction, landscaping, or any other field requiring area measurements, our converter caters to your needs.


Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use the converter, regardless of their mathematical background.


Save valuable time by using our converter for quick and hassle-free area unit conversions. Spend more time focusing on your tasks and projects.


Our Area Unit Converter provides accurate conversions and is for informational purposes. It serves as a handy tool for everyday use but should not replace expert advice or professional measurements in specific fields.

Ready to simplify your area unit conversions and calculations? Explore our Area Unit Converter today and experience the convenience of accurate and instantaneous area conversions. Whether you're dealing with measurements in square meters, acres, or any other unit, our converter is here to make your tasks easier. Start converting with confidence now!

Area Unit Conversion in Pakistan

Marla Kanal Square Feet (Sq. ft.) Square Meter (Sq. m.) Square Yard (Sq. yd. / Gazz)
1 Marla 0.05 Kanal 225 Sq. ft. 25 Sq. yd. 21 Sq. m.
2 Marla 0.1 Kanal 450 Sq. ft. 50 Sq. yd. 42 Sq. m.
3 Marla 0.15 Kanal 675 Sq. ft. 75 Sq. yd. 63 Sq. m.
4 Marla 0.2 Kanal 900 Sq. ft. 100 Sq. yd. 84 Sq. m.
5 Marla 0.25 Kanal 1125 Sq. ft. 125 Sq. yd. 105 Sq. m.
6 Marla 0.3 Kanal 1350 Sq. ft. 150 Sq. yd. 126 Sq. m.
7 Marla 0.35 Kanal 1575 Sq. ft. 175 Sq. yd. 147 Sq. m.
8 Marla 0.4 Kanal 1800 Sq. ft. 200 Sq. yd. 168 Sq. m.
9 Marla 0.45 Kanal 2025 Sq. ft. 225 Sq. yd. 189 Sq. m.
10 Marla 0.5 Kanal 2250 Sq. ft. 250 Sq. yd. 210 Sq. m.
11 Marla 0.55 Kanal 2475 Sq. ft. 275 Sq. yd. 231 Sq. m.
12 Marla 0.6 Kanal 2700 Sq. ft. 300 Sq. yd. 252 Sq. m.
13 Marla 0.65 Kanal 2925 Sq. ft. 325 Sq. yd. 273 Sq. m.
14 Marla 0.7 Kanal 3150 Sq. ft. 350 Sq. yd. 294 Sq. m.
15 Marla 0.75 Kanal 3375 Sq. ft. 375 Sq. yd. 315 Sq. m.
16 Marla 0.8 Kanal 3600 Sq. ft. 400 Sq. yd. 336 Sq. m.
17 Marla 0.85 Kanal 3825 Sq. ft. 425 Sq. yd. 357 Sq. m.
18 Marla 0.9 Kanal 4050 Sq. ft. 450 Sq. yd. 378 Sq. m.
19 Marla 0.95 Kanal 4275 Sq. ft. 475 Sq. yd. 399 Sq. m.
20 Marla 1 Kanal 4500 Sq. ft. 500 Sq. yd. 420 Sq. m.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I use the Area Unit Converter?

To use our converter, simply choose the initial and target area units, input the value you want to convert, and click the "Convert" button. The converted area measurement will be displayed instantly.

2. Can I convert between different measurement systems, such as square meters to square feet?

Absolutely! Our Area Unit Converter supports conversions between various measurement systems, including metric and imperial units. You can easily convert square meters to square feet, acres to hectares, and more.

3. Is the conversion result rounded to a specific number of decimal places?

Yes, the conversion result is typically rounded to a reasonable number of decimal places for clarity. However, you can often adjust the precision of the result based on your preference or the requirements of your project.

4. Can I convert irregular or complex shapes with this converter?

Our Area Unit Converter is designed for straightforward conversions between standard area measurements, such as squares and rectangles. It may not be suitable for converting irregular or complex shapes, which may require more advanced calculations.

5. Are the conversions accurate for all types of area units?

Our converter employs accurate conversion ratios for standard area units commonly used in various fields. While it provides reliable results for most practical purposes, please note that certain specialized units or calculations may require specific considerations.

Please keep in mind that our Area Unit Converter serves as a convenient tool for everyday use and general calculations. For precise measurements in specialized fields or complex scenarios, consulting with a professional or utilizing specialized software may be advisable.