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HESCO Online Bills: A Guide to Bill Check and Duplicate Bill Issuance

  • HESCO, which stands for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company, is committed to efficient power distribution and excellent customer service. We offer online bill services, including HESCO online bill inquiries and issuing duplicate bills. By acquiring assets from the former Area Electricity Board (AEB), we strive to ensure an uninterrupted electricity supply across Sindh, except for Karachi. Explore our services to easily check your HESCO bill online and simplify your electricity management.


  • The Significance of the HESCO Bill:

  • The HESCO bill provides a detailed overview of consumers' electricity usage within the HESCO network. It includes information like billing cycle, meter readings, consumption units, tariff rates, taxes, and payment due dates.
  • HESCO Online Bill Check:

  • Gone are the days when consumers had to endure long queues or wait for paper bills to arrive in the mail. With HESCOs online bill-checking service, consumers can effortlessly monitor and manage their electricity bills from the comfort of their homes. Here is a simple guide to checking your HESCO bill online:
  1. Visit the HESCO Official Website:
    Navigate to the designated section for bill inquiries on the official HESCO website. (www.hesco.gov.pk)
  2. Enter Your Reference Number:
    Input your unique 14-digit reference number, which can be found on any previous HESCO bill.
  3. View Your Bill:
    Once you submit your reference number, the portal will display your current bill details, including the amount due and the due date for payment.

HESCO Online Bill 2024

  • HESCO Duplicate Bill:

  • In the event of misplaced or lost bills, HESCO offers the provision to obtain duplicate bills, ensuring billing information when needed. Here's how you can obtain a duplicate bill from HESCO:
  1. Visit the Nearest HESCO Customer Service Center:
    Head to the nearest HESCO customer service center or division office.
  2. Provide Necessary Information:
    Furnish relevant details such as your consumer number, meter number, or CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) to facilitate bill retrieval.
  3. Receive Your Duplicate Bill:
    Upon verification, the HESCO representative will provide you with a duplicate bill, enabling you to proceed with your payment without delay.


  • Benefits of HESCO Online Services:

  • Embracing HESCO's online bill checking and duplicate bill issuance offers several advantages:
  • Convenience:
    Access your bill information anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need for physical visits or manual processes.
  • Timeliness:
    Stay updated with your billing status and payment deadlines to avoid late fees or service interruptions.
  • Environmentally Friendly:
    Reduce paper usage and contribute to environmental sustainability by opting for electronic bills and duplicate bill issuance.


  • Conclusion:

  • HESCO's online bill checking and duplicate bill services epitomize the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and technological advancement. By leveraging these services, consumers can navigate their billing processes seamlessly, ensuring a hassle-free experience in managing their electricity consumption. Embrace the digital revolution with HESCO and empower yourself with convenience and efficiency in bill management.


  • (FAQs)

  • 1. How can I check my HESCO bill online?
  • Answer: Checking your HESCO bill online is super easy! go to the official HESCO website, find the "Bill Inquiry" section, and enter your reference number from a previous bill. You'll be able to see and download your current bill in no time.
  • 2. How can I get a duplicate HESCO bill?
  • Answer: If you need a duplicate bill, no worries! Go to the HESCO website for the "Duplicate Bill" option. Enter your reference number, and you can generate and print a copy of your bill right there.
  • 3. What should I do if there's an error in my HESCO bill?
  • Answer: Spotting an error in your bill can be frustrating, but help is just a call away. Contact HESCO customer service as soon as you notice the issue. You can reach them via their helpline, visit the nearest customer service center, or use the contact form on their website.
  • 4. How can I pay my HESCO bill online?
  • Answer: Paying your HESCO bill online is very convenient. You can use internet banking, mobile banking apps, or various payment gateways listed on the HESCO website. Many banks and financial services also offer HESCO bill payment options.
  • 5. What areas does HESCO serve?
  • Answer: HESCO supplies electricity to most parts of Sindh, except for Karachi. This includes major cities like Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Nawabshah, and many other surrounding areas.

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