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Discovering Kingdom Valley Islamabad: Payment Plan, NOC Status, Map, and More

  • Introduction

Kingdom Valley Islamabad stands as a remarkable addition to Islamabad's real estate market, primarily due to its affordability. The developers of this community envision offering a luxurious lifestyle to the middle-class demographic. Notably, Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a collaborative effort with the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, Investors are presented with a golden opportunity to acquire a premium asset at a modest cost, promising substantial future returns, As the project is currently in its nascent stages, the dedicated developers are tirelessly working to maintain high-quality standards while keeping costs reasonable.


  • Kingdom Valley Facilities & Amenities

  • The developers of Kingdom Valley are committed to providing a comprehensive set of facilities and amenities, comparable to those found in leading societies across Pakistan. These offerings are not only tailored to meet the residential needs but also the commercial requirements of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
  • Gated and Secure Environment: Security is paramount in today's world, and Kingdom Valley Rawalpindi addresses this concern by encompassing the community with a protective boundary wall. In addition, the deployment of security personnel and CCTV cameras throughout the streets ensures a peaceful living environment for future residents.
  • Grand Mosque of Worship: Recognizing the significance of spiritual connection, the developers are creating mosques in every block of the community. Moreover, a grand Jamia Masjid will take center stage within the society, boasting a spacious area to accommodate numerous worshippers simultaneously.
  • Education Hub: Kingdom Valley will house campuses of prestigious educational institutions, including Superior College of Girls Chakri Campus, Global School System, and Usman Institute of Higher Studies. Access to quality education is made convenient for residents.
  • Thrilling Theme Park: A state-of-the-art theme park is set to grace the community, offering families a space to enjoy leisure time without concerns about traffic. The park will feature fun rides, swings, slides, and various recreational activities.
  • Essential Utilities: The community ensures the availability of round-the-clock basic utilities, including water, gas, and electricity. A well-structured sewage and waste disposal system will be among the best in town, ensuring a clean environment.

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Every individual's right to healthcare is acknowledged with the provision of clinics and hospitals within the society. Upcoming healthcare centers include:
  1. Care Medical Center Royal Chakri Highway
  2. Children’s Clinic
  3. Basic Health Unit opposite Al-Haram City
  4. Armaghan Clinic
  • These facilities and amenities collectively aim to create a well-rounded and convenient living environment for the future residents of Kingdom Valley.


  • Kingdom Valley Blocks

  • Within Islamabad, this splendid housing society is subdivided into distinct blocks, each featuring varying plot sizes and amenities. The Kingdom Valley payment plan differs from one block to another.
  1. General Block
  2. Executive Block
  3. Heroes Block
  4. Kingdom Farmhouses
  5. Kingdom Villas


  • Kingdom Valley Farmhouse

  • If you're seeking a respite from your bustling routine and yearning for the tranquility of a serene environment, Kingdom Valley Islamabad Farmhouse offers the perfect escape.
  • The developer has introduced these farmhouses to strike an ideal balance between luxury and affordability. These farmhouses are ideally situated in the heart of the community, providing a peaceful retreat. Moreover, they are graced by the presence of a beautiful waterway that meanders nearby, enhancing the natural beauty of the surroundings. These spacious farmhouses allow residents to indulge in a tranquil and rejuvenating lifestyle.
  • The Kingdom Valley Islamabad payment plan presents 2 and 4 Kanal plots for farmhouses:

  • Payment Plan for Kingdom Valley Farmhouse

  • 2 Kanal Kingdom Valley Farmhouse:

  • The 2 Kanal plot in this block is priced at 60 lacs.
  • A 10% down payment of 4 lacs is required.
  • You can opt for 40 monthly installments, each amounting to 37,500 rupees.
  • If you prefer to pay bi-annually (8 installments), the cost is 3 lacs 50 thousand rupees.


  • 4 Kanal Kingdom Valley Farmhouse:

  • The 4 Kanal plot in this block is priced at 1 crore 5 lacs.
  • A 10% down payment of 7 lac and 50 thousand rupees is required.
  • The 40 monthly installments amount to 1 lac rupees each.
  • Opting for the bi-annual payment plan (8 installments) will cost around 5 lac rupees.
  • The confirmation price is 5 lac, and at the time of balloting, you'll need to pay 12 lac 50 thousand rupees.


  • Kingdom Valley Islamabad General Block

  • The General Block of Kingdom Valley in Rawalpindi offers an array of facilities and amenities that cater to the diverse needs of its future residents. Furthermore, its installment plan and affordable pricing make it accessible to individuals from all walks of life, including those from the low and middle-income segments, to realize their dream of owning a house in Islamabad. The Kingdom Valley payment plan for the General block extends a flexible 4-year payment scheme for luxurious plots of 4, 7, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.


  • Payment Plan for General Block (Residential):

  • 5 Marla Kingdom Valley General Block:
  • A 5 Marla residential plot in this block is priced at approximately 18 lacs.
  • A 10% down payment of 1 lac and 80 thousand rupees is required.
  • The confirmation charge amounts to 1 lac 80 thousand.
  • Opting for the 40 monthly installments translates to an affordable 18 thousand rupees per installment.
  • If you prefer a bi-annual payment plan (8 installments), it totals around 67 thousand 5 hundred rupees.
  • At the time of Balloting, you will make a payment of 2 lacs rupees.


  • 7 Marla Kingdom Valley General Block:
  • The 7 Marla residential plot in this block is priced at approximately 22 lacs.
  • A 10% down payment of 2 lacs and 20 thousand rupees is required.
  • The confirmation charge amounts to 2 lacs 20 thousand.
  • Opting for the 40 monthly installments amounts to 25 thousand rupees per installment.
  • If you prefer a bi-annual payment plan (8 installments), it totals around 95 thousand 5 hundred rupees.


  • 10 Marla Kingdom Valley General Block:
  • A 10 Marla residential plot in this block is priced at approximately 29 lacs.
  • A 10% down payment of 2 lacs and 90 thousand rupees is required.
  • The confirmation charge amounts to 2 lacs 90 thousand.
  • Opting for the 40 monthly installments amounts to 35 thousand rupees per installment.
  • If you prefer a bi-annual payment plan (8 installments), it totals around 1 lac 15 thousand rupees.


  • 1 Kanal Kingdom Valley General Block:
  • The 1 Kanal residential plot in this block is priced at approximately 45 lacs.
  • A 10% down payment of 4 lacs and 50 thousand rupees is required.
  • The confirmation charge amounts to 4 lacs 50 thousand.
  • Opting for the 40 monthly installments amounts to 44 thousand 4 hundred rupees per installment.
  • If you prefer a bi-annual payment plan (8 installments), it totals around 2 lacs 28 thousand rupees.
  • These flexible payment plans make Kingdom Valley's General Block an attractive opportunity for prospective homeowners.

  • Upcoming Projects in Kingdom Valley

  • Building on the success of Kingdom Valley, the developers have decided to introduce two exciting new projects within the community. These upcoming projects are set to further elevate the stature of this housing society.


  • Kingdom Apartment
  • The developers are gearing up to launch Kingdom Apartments in the near future. These apartments will be housed within an aesthetically designed building located within the society. While specific payment plans have not been released yet, you can stay informed by regularly visiting the Lead Marketing Website for updates.
  • Kingdom Heights
  • Kingdom Heights, an upcoming housing development within Kingdom Valley, is on the verge of commencing construction. Similar to Kingdom Apartments, detailed payment plans are yet to be unveiled. To stay up-to-date with the latest information, we recommend keeping a close watch on the Lead Marketing Website for updates.

  • Kingdom Valley Islamabad Location Map

  • One of the most critical aspects for both investors and residents when considering property is its location. The size and geographical positioning of a project significantly impact the sense of security and ease of access to daily necessities.
  • According to the location map of Kingdom Valley Islamabad, it boasts an ideal setting near the capital. It is strategically situated in close proximity to the Chakri Interchange on the M-2 Islamabad-Lahore motorway, enhancing its accessibility.
  • This housing development is strategically placed within the twin cities, making it a highly sought-after location. Moreover, it shares its vicinity with renowned housing projects in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, including Capital Smart City, Blue World City, and Mumtaz City. The Rawalpindi Ring Road is just a short five-kilometer distance away.
  • Additionally, as indicated on the Kingdom Valley Islamabad location map, the community enjoys multiple connections to significant areas like Bahria Town, the Defense Housing Authority, and the New Islamabad International Airport. It's served by a selection of well-established routes connecting it to notable destinations, including Rawalpindi Cadet College and the Thalian Interchange, ensuring ease of access from various points within the twin cities.


  • Kingdom Valley Islamabad Accessibility

  • For those looking to establish their residence in Islamabad, the location of this society is ideal, situated in one of the most vibrant areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
  • In line with the Kingdom Valley's location in Islamabad, the following routes lead to this destination:
  • Kingdom Valley is adjacent to the M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway.
  • The New Islamabad International Airport is a convenient 25-minute drive from this housing society.
  • Chakri Road is just a 5-minute drive from this housing society.
  • The renowned Adiala Road can be reached in approximately 25 minutes by car from this housing society.
  • Rawat-Chakbeli Road is about a 26-minute drive from this society.

  • Kingdom Valley Islamabad Nearby Landmarks & Places

  • This esteemed housing project finds itself encircled by a host of significant landmarks and places in Islamabad, making it a central hub within the region. These landmarks include the M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway, the International Islamabad Airport, Qurtaba City, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi city.
  • Qurtaba City is conveniently situated just 5 minutes away from Kingdom Valley Islamabad.
  • Thalian Interchange can be reached in approximately 15 minutes from this housing project.
  • Rangers Cadet College is a mere 10-minute drive from this housing project.
  • Chakri Toll Plaza is just a 2-minute drive away from this housing project.
  • Discovery Gardens Islamabad is a 20-minute journey from Kingdom Valley Islamabad.
  • Bin Alam City can be reached in about 14 minutes from Kingdom Valley Islamabad.
  • Government Degree Boys College Chakri is approximately 16 minutes away from Kingdom Valley Islamabad.


  • Kingdom Valley No Objection Certificate (NOC):

  • Kingdom Valley Islamabad has been granted a No Objection Certificate (NOC) under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, bearing the registration number "DRG/PHATA/2176-2021."
  • With a commitment to realizing your desires and preferences, Kingdom Valley Islamabad pledges to provide you with the perfect home tailored to your lifestyle. This endeavor stands out in the construction industry due to its collaboration with highly skilled engineers and designers.
  • This project stands on a solid legal foundation, instilling confidence in investors who entrust their hard-earned investments. Furthermore, the Kingdom Valley payment plan ensures that this project remains highly accessible to individuals from diverse social backgrounds in Pakistan, allowing them to secure a piece of land for a promising future.


  • Latest Developments in Kingdom Valley

  • The progress of this real estate project is advancing at a rapid pace. Officials from Kingdom Valley have engaged in fruitful discussions with various government authorities, culminating in the signing of several agreements to expedite the construction process efficiently.
  • It's noteworthy that this project falls under the purview of the "Naya Pakistan Housing Program," ensuring comprehensive government support and the completion of all necessary documentation, offering investors peace of mind.
  • Furthermore, investors can take solace in the fact that both the Rawalpindi Development Authority and the Capital Development Authority have granted their approvals to this project, affirming its legal standing.
  • With all legal matters in order, construction is proceeding according to the established schedule, promising a timely project completion. Given the rapid development and a successful balloting process, the management has introduced an exciting Kingdom Valley new payment plan, welcoming news for those already invested in this magnificent project.


  • Advantages and Disadvantages

  1. A Lifestyle of Luxury: The primary aim of this housing project is to provide you and your family with a luxurious lifestyle that encompasses all the amenities you could desire. This ensures a peaceful and content life with your loved ones in your new home.

  2. Proximity to Important Locations: Living in this valley comes with the significant advantage of being close to key cities like Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Its nearness to landmarks such as airports and shopping centers further adds to its appeal.

  3. Provision of Necessary Utilities: Uninterrupted gas, water, and electricity supply is another major advantage of this housing society. With 24/7 availability of gas and electricity, residents need not fret about power outages.

  4. Convenient Payment Plan: The flexible 4-year installment plan for land acquisition in this residential project makes investing hassle-free and affordable.

  5. Well-Organized Map & Development Plan: Kingdom Valley is meticulously designed by international and national architects and planners, adhering to international standards. The city's infrastructure boasts both essential and modern amenities, positioning it as one of the finest societies in town.

  6. Expansion's Scope: Kingdom Valley Rawalpindi encompasses an expansive 15,000 Kanal of land, offering abundant space for development. This vast expanse will cater to future residents with wide roads, verdant parks, shopping malls, and community centers.

  7. Development Period: Experts anticipate that the construction timeline for the infrastructure may be slightly extended. While work progress within this housing project is satisfactory, it could potentially face delays due to the country's fluctuating economic conditions.
  8. Perceived Expense: There's a common perception that this housing project is costly, but this is a misconception. It's essential to recognize that this project is part of the Naya Pakistan Housing project, primarily aimed at providing housing solutions to low-income individuals in the country. Moreover, the availability of a 4-year installment plan makes this project affordable for local residents and investors.

  • Why Choose to Invest in Kingdom Valley, Islamabad?

  • With numerous societies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, one might wonder what sets Kingdom Valley apart and makes it a compelling investment choice. This question often arises in the minds of prospective property investors. Let's explore the key factors that contribute to the potential success of this society.
  • 1. Exceptional Location:
  • Kingdom Valley is strategically positioned in a prime location, granting it close proximity to major areas in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Notably, several vital landmarks are just a short drive away. Additionally, the CPEC route and highway are conveniently accessible within a 5 to 10-minute radius. This advantageous location makes investing in this housing project a golden opportunity for investors.
  • 2. Affordable Prices:
  • Kingdom Valley is conceived with the mission to provide affordable housing solutions, particularly for individuals with limited income. As a result, this project offers cost-effective options compared to other societies in the region. Moreover, the plot prices and the flexible four-year payment plan are ideally suited for investors.
  • 3. Serene and Tranquil Environment:
  • Nestled outside the bustling city, this society offers a secure and pollution-free living environment for its future residents. The wide roads, well-designed parks, and tranquil walking tracks adorned with lush greenery further enhance the beauty of this project, fostering a serene and relaxed atmosphere.
  • 4. Investment with Confidence:
  • Kingdom Valley Rawalpindi represents a secure investment, being developed under the Naya Pakistan Housing Program Initiative. It enjoys government support, ensuring the completion of all essential documentation. As a result, investors can have full confidence in the legitimacy and security of their investments in this project.


  • Kingdom Valley Owners and Developers

  • Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal stands as the owner of this housing society, a prominent figure in the real estate industry. This housing project has been meticulously crafted by a highly skilled team, comprising engineers, architects, builders, planners, and managers.
  • Presently, their dedicated team is actively engaged in advancing this housing society. Furthermore, developer Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal is renowned for their well-organized and efficiently managed projects.
  • The developers' objective for this venture is to elevate the quality of life and transform living standards in accordance with international benchmarks.
  • About the Company

  • In addition to this project, the company is concurrently involved in various other ventures. The company's staff is known for providing exceptional client support and comprehensive assistance. The firm specializes in upscale residential developments.
  • The company offers a comprehensive array of property services, including Sales, Consultancy, After-Sales support, Media, Management, Development, Architecture, Digital Marketing, and construction.


  • In Conclusion

  • Kingdom Valley Rawalpindi boasts an exceptional location, in close proximity to several prominent landmarks within Pakistan's capital city. It stands as an exceptional investment opportunity, particularly due to its affiliation with the Naya Pakistan Housing Project, making it one of Islamabad's most secure residential societies for both residence and investment.
  • Furthermore, this residential society in Islamabad is committed to providing its residents with top-notch conveniences and services to ensure a serene and joyful life. With its luxurious amenities and adherence to international standards, this housing scheme offers a delightful residential project. Consequently, residents will encounter no challenges while residing in this real estate venture.
  • If you fall within the low or middle-income bracket and aspire to acquire a premium plot in this housing society, we invite you to Contact Our real estate advisers. They are well-equipped to offer you exceptional guidance and support to transform your dream into a reality.


  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • 1. What is the location of Kingdom Valley Islamabad?
  • Kingdom Valley Islamabad is conveniently located near the M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway, offering easy access to important cities like Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It is also close to landmarks such as the New Islamabad International Airport, Chakri Road, and Rawat-Chakbeli Road.
  • 2. What is the payment plan for Kingdom Valley plots?
  • Kingdom Valley offers a flexible 4-year installment plan for acquiring plots, making it affordable for a wide range of investors. Specific payment details can be obtained from the project's official sources.
  • 3. Is Kingdom Valley part of the Naya Pakistan Housing Program?
  • Yes, Kingdom Valley is affiliated with the Naya Pakistan Housing Program, ensuring government support and complete documentation for a secure and legal investment.
  • 4. What amenities and facilities are available in Kingdom Valley?
  • Kingdom Valley offers a range of amenities, including a secure and gated environment with security guards and CCTV surveillance, mosques, educational institutes, a theme park, basic utilities (water, gas, electricity), and healthcare facilities, among others.
  • 5. How does Kingdom Valley cater to affordable housing solutions?
  • Kingdom Valley is designed with the mission to provide affordable living options, making it a suitable choice for individuals with low to middle incomes. The project's cost-effective pricing and flexible payment plans align with this goal, offering an accessible investment opportunity.


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